5 FAQs About What We’re About To Do

Well, would you look at that. We’re down to our last day here in Salt Lake.

It seems like only yesterday that we decided to make this happen. It was late May, and we had just come back from an amazingly peaceful retreat to Oregon.

Our minds clearer and our hearts more grateful than ever, we knew it was time for our next adventure.

So just like that, we decided on a day in August to embark on our journey to the city that never sleeps, New York City!

Well that day is tomorrow, and we’re ready. Super excited! Anxious! [Mostly] packed! But oh, so ready. We will be leaving Salt Lake tomorrow morning, August 20, and will spend two weeks getting to NY. Once we get there, it’s a solid two months in Brooklyn and then one month in Manhattan!

1. Our road tip plan

  1. Stay in Wyoming – 1 night
  2. Stay in Rapid City – 1 night
  3. Stay in Minneapolis – 1 night
  4. Stay in Chicago – 5 nights
  5. Stay in Toronto – 5 nights
  6. Stay in Niagara Falls – 1 night
  7. Arrive at Brooklyn, NYC

(Because Kyle is working remotely with his company, we planned it so he doesn’t have to miss a bunch of work.)

2. What about our jobs?

Kyle is staying on as a full-time employee with his Utah-based company, but just working remotely. As for me, even though I could have worked remotely with my company as an independent contractor, I decided to quit so I could use the next 3 months focused solely on building up our online business. Because Kyle is keeping his “guaranteed income”, he will be the one putting dinner on the table…at least either until I find more success with the business OR give in and find freelance work, etc. (I’m going to do literally everything in my power to avoid the latter).

3. What about Chloe?

Chloe is coming with 🙂 There’s absolutely no way we would have abandoned her for 3+ months. She’s part of our family.

She definitely knows something is up, though, as she seems a little depressed/anxious lately. But what she doesn’t know, is that mommy and daddy will be at home with her all day, every day and that she’s going to have the time of her life smelling all the smells, sniffin’ big city doggies’ butts, and riding the subway in a giant tote!

4. Where are you going to live?

We will be staying in Airbnbs for the next 3 months (minus the first two nights of our road trip where we’ll be camping). Airbnbs make it so we don’t have to bring everything we own, so we don’t have to pay out the butt for pet fees, and so we don’t have to deal with all the crap that goes into renting a private apartment. They’re also better than hotels because we will want to cook a lot.

5. So you’re coming back to Utah after NY, right?

Most likely, no. Sorry 🙂 Tomorrow marks the beginning of what we call Life V3, where we become digital nomads and work/live wherever the hell we want. We don’t plan on coming back to live in Utah permanently. So, we tentatively have a hotel booked in southern Florida (yes, again), but are also considering Puerto Rico and Hawaii. That doesn’t mean we won’t visit SLC, though! Especially for big events 🙂

So there’s our plan in a nutshell. We’re super excited and hope that you will all follow along on our journey.

See ya, later, Salt Lake! It’s been good 🙂

Digital Slomads - Whitney, Chloe, Kyle

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