Marriott’s Playa Andaluza

Marriott's Playa Andaluza

Marbella, Spain March 2017

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For a week in March 2017, we had the pleasure of staying at Marriott’s Playa Andaluza, a beautiful beach-front resort on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Marbella, Spain.

This was our first experience as Marriott Vacation Club owners and we must say, we were truly impressed! The resort is beautifully landscaped with lovely Spanish accents like flowers and tiles, and throughout our week at the resort we enjoyed a variety of on-site activities, wore almost nothing other than our robes, and of course, sat in the hot tub for countless hours.

Along with our day trips, staying at the resort was just what we needed.

We stayed at Marriott’s Playa Andaluza at our own expense as Marriott Vacation Club owners.

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