The Midwest, USA

The Midwest

Rapid City, Minneapolis, Evanston, Chicago August 2016

Mentions Rapid City, South Dakota

Chicago, Illinois Minneapolis, Minnesota


Our journey through the Midwest toward the East coast lasted about a week. Chicago was our major Midwest stop where we stayed for five days, but on the way we stayed a night in Rapid City, South Dakota and one night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our driving days were quite long, but we made time to visit Mount Rushmore and Badlands National Park. Once in Chicago (Evanston, Illinois to be exact) we did lots of exploring – we visited the beautiful Baha’i House of Worship, saw fireflies for the first time ever at a lakeside park, and even hunted down the house from Home Alone. 🙂

USA Road Trip - Midwestern states driving route

All activities and accommodations were paid for at our own expense.

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