The South, USA


Because we’re house sitters, our route through the South wasn’t entirely planned by us, but rather for us. In our two months in the South we did four house sits (totaling about 35 nights in free accommodations) and the homes were located all across the South. This allowed us to see and do a lot more than we had expected, and it was definitely the most eye-opening part of our 6-month road trip. In the South there is a lot of history pertaining to civil rights, and growing up in Utah we just weren’t really exposed to that aspect of US history.

Politics aside, the South is quite charming and unexpectedly underrated. We saw a lot of unique sights and visited with Southerners who had a diverse range of lifestyles. I suppose it just goes to show that stereotypes are surface-level 🙂

USA Road Trip - Southern states driving route

All activities and accommodations were paid for at our own expense.

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