Touring Yellowstone National Park and More in an RV!


WHAT?! Yep! We bought an RV to live in while traveling full-time 🙂


Well a few years ago we tried building our own tiny house on wheels. We failed [miserably] at the job and eventually sold all the construction materials to a cute family (who have since finished building theirs!). After we sold the stuff, we put going tiny in the back of our minds for a long time.

Then, when we had the opportunity to stay in a camper van in Iceland for a week, we were immediately sold on the idea of going tiny again. Our experience in Iceland was just incredible and we loved literally every second of the camper van experience. The only thing we knew, though, was that if we were going to do this, it would have to be in something a bit bigger. 🙂

Another major reason we decided to buy an RV was because we wanted the ultimate freedom it could allow us – the freedom to cook, sleep, work, and pee almost literally anywhere the RV could be parked.

It was a really big decision for us, understanding that we would not be able to play “tourist” as usual since a) we couldn’t leave Chloe (our dog) inside for too long by herself, and b) the size of the RV would make it more difficult to operate and park in big cities. But in the end, we bit the bullet, and ended up planning a huge adventure for our new home on wheels.

Bringing us to where we were recently…

Yellowstone National Park (and surroundings)

In the video we show some highlights of our first week in the RV, where we visited, and some funny bloopers 🙂

Snapshots from this week:

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